Cabin Availability

We give preference to full week bookings during our peak vacation seasons of mid-June through August and mid September through October.  Use the calendar below to check availability; use our Cabin Reservation Search to submit a reservation.  Or you can send us an email ,or give us a call at 530-627-3379.


Book even nights and get one night free (ongoing weekly rate).

Book three nights or more and get a 10% dicount (good for August and September 2014).

Looking for Caretakers

Sandy Bar Ranch is seeking a caretaker couple starting in January 2015.  Caretakers will have their own private house and share in the bounty of our garden in exchange for some help around the ranch.  Contact us for details.  

Drought Report

Drought is effecting the entire state of California, and our area is no exception.  Recent thunderstorms sparked wildland fires in Northern California and southern Oregon.  The low flows are effecting the Klamath River.  

Fire Report

There are widespread fires in Northern California, but none within 50 miles of Orleans, this map shows the fire locations.  AIr quality for the firt half of August was remarkably good.  Beginning on 8/15 smoke from regional fires began settling in our valley around 10 AM and lasting until the prevailing up-canyon winds kick in, around 1 - 3 PM.   A series of thunderstorms are passing through the region from 8/16 - 19, always a roll of the dice as they may bring lightning that starts new fires, or rain to quell the existing ones, or both.  Stay tuned - we will post updates and photos as the week progresses, please feel free to contact us at any time for an update.  If you want more info on fires in our region, the Happy Camp Complex is 50 miles upriver, and the July Complex is up the Salmon River Watershed.  

Click here for more thoughts on the role of fire in our landscape...


River Report

On July 31, 2014, the California Regional Water Quality Control Board issued a warning about blue green algae on the Klamath River.  In past years these warnings have primarily been for the reservoirs behind dams in the Upper Basin, and the stretch of the Klamath River immediately below the dams.  This year, however, due to the low river flows as a result of the current drought, the warning has been extended all the way down to Weitchpec, just 13 miles downriver of Sandy Bar Ranch.  Blue green algae becomes an increased health risk when it “blooms”, forming a mat or scum in response to water conditions.  We do not typically experience these blooms along our stretch of river at Sandy Bar Ranch, however, we feel it important to inform our customers of the current situation, its origins and ramifications for health.  Click here for more information.  

Gateway to the Klamath Region

Sandy Bar Ranch offers an inexpensive family vacation destination in one of the West Coast's most unknown vacation spots - the Klamath Region.  From river rafting to swimming, hiking, biking and exploring, you'll find a range of affordable vacation ideas on and around our ranch.  Nestled in a fertile valley carved out by the Klamath River, our riverside, pet friendly cabin rentals come with a full kitchen & linens, private bedroom, bathroom and a deck that looks over the river, and our organic gardens offer fresh seasonal produce, including over a hundred varieties of fruits, berries, flowers and vegetables.