Cabin Availability

We give preference to full week bookings during our peak vacation seasons of mid-June through August and mid September through October.  Use the calendar below to check availability; use our Cabin Reservation Search to submit a reservation.  Or you can send us an email ,or give us a call at 530-627-3379.


Book even nights and get one night free (ongoing weekly rate).

Book three nights or more and get a 10% dicount (good for August and September 2014).

Looking for Caretakers

Sandy Bar Ranch is seeking a caretaker couple starting in January 2015.  Caretakers will have their own private house and share in the bounty of our garden in exchange for some help around the ranch.  Contact us for details.  




Gateway to the Klamath Region

Sandy Bar Ranch offers an inexpensive family vacation destination in one of the West Coast's most unknown vacation spots - the Klamath Region.  From river rafting to swimming, hiking, biking and exploring, you'll find a range of affordable vacation ideas on and around our ranch.  Nestled in a fertile valley carved out by the Klamath River, our riverside, pet friendly cabin rentals come with a full kitchen & linens, private bedroom, bathroom and a deck that looks over the river, and our organic gardens offer fresh seasonal produce, including over a hundred varieties of fruits, berries, flowers and vegetables.  


Fishing Report

Salmon season has closed, but steelhead season is just getting underway here on the Mid Klamath.  Half pounders and adults have been hitting at creek mouths and favorite riffles along our stretch of river.  Increased flows on the Trinity and Klamath have imporved water quality and fishing conditions tremedously.  In late August, Indian tribes and environmantalists fought for and gained increased flows from the Lewiston Dam putting a pulse of fresh water into the Trinity and main stem of the Klamath and triggering a wave of salmon and steelhead in form the ocean.  On September 11 releases from Iron Gate Dam were doubled from 1,000 cfs to 2100 cfs, the river here at Orleans is settling and fishing conditions are ideal.   

Fire Report

There are two fires burning in our region, the Happy Camp Complex located 50 miles up the Klamath River, and the July Complex, which is about 50 niles to the east in the Salmon River watershed.  Neither fire poses any threat to the town of Orlean; smoke is the biggest impact and varies widely depending on the weather.  When the dominant up-canyon winds prevail the air is clear, often for days at a time. When the winds shift smoke is pushed downriver and effects us here at Sandy Bar Ranch.  The California Smoke Blog posts the latest air quality conditions for our region.  Also, please feel free to contact us at any time for an update. 

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