Garden Photos

Spring Tulips (Our gardens are bursting with color in the Spring)

Fresh Berries (Early summer is berry time at Sandy Bar Ranch!)

Foxglove in Bloom

Fall (Low autumn sun in the garden)

Raspberries! (Foraging for raspberries is a huge favorite)

The garden in Summer

Summer Evening(Evening is a pleasant time to stroll through the garden)

Summer Cover Crop (We use buckwheat as a summer cover crop to feed the soil, attract beneficial insects and provide pollen and nectar for our honeybees.)

Chipotle (Smoked & dried peppers, ready for chipotle)

4 - Greenhouse (Liza tends to starts in our greenhouse).jpg

Chipotle 2 (Chipotle Peppers, Sadie & Spring)

Smoking Peppers for Chipotle(Heather on her way to the smokehouse with jalapenos)

Honeybees (We have several bee hives that help pollinate our crops and provide honey and pollen)

3 - Rosa Peaches (Our Klamath climate is great for peaches!)

Tree-ripened cherries! (Cherries are ripe late June).jpg

The Circle Garden (2004)

2 - Organic Gardens (View of the garden from the shade of the mulberry tree)

Honeybees (Erin tends to our honeybees)

1-Organic Produce (We offer a selection of organic produce from the ranch that changes with the seasons.)