Natural Building Photos

Recycled Windshields

Cob Chimney (Cob packed around a flu provides thermal mass)

Wattle (Small diameter material can be woven into a sturdy wall)

Living Roof (Nice lines on this beautiful garden shed)

Japanese Roof(Thatch roof with bamboo poles, once common natural building materials in Japan)

1. Natural Building Sauna(Our sauna employs cordwood, light straw clay, cob, earthen plaster and a living roof)

Harvesting Round Poles (Round poles are an excellent natural building material, six times as strong as milled wood the same dimension)

Cob Bench

7. Mixing Plaster 1

Round Pole with Slipstraw(Pole construction with natural plaster)

9. Mixing Plaster, Barefoot 2

3. Timber Frame (Many hands make light work)

Round Pole Roof (With reed matting)


Slipstraw Chicken Coop (Natural building for poultry!)

Outbuilding with Cob Bench

2. Sauna Hearth(A stone hearth holds a barrel stove that heats the sauna and produces hot water)

Peeling Poles (Poles harvested in Spring for natural building peel easily, a garden spade works best)

Sculpture(Natural building materials lend themselves well to sculpting, as seen in this doudle hearth and earthen plaster)

Interior Sculpted Wall

Reed Mat for Slipstraw (Reed mat has become a popular natural buildikng material, here it's used as a form for slipstraw, providing an excellent surface for earth plaster)

8. Mixing Plaster 2

Earth Plaster (First coat over slipstraw)

5. Timber Frame with Slipstraw 2

Cob Cottage (Cob has been used as a natural building material for centuries in Britain)

Garden Shed

6. Applying Earthen Plaster

Sculpting Plaster(Natural plaster mixed with chopped straw can be sculpted)

Earthen Floor with Tiles

Garden Kiosk with Living Roof

4. Timber Frame with Slipstraw 1(This timber frame house is infilled with slipstraw, a tamped straw-clay mix, plastered and painted with natural pigments)

Mixing Earthen Plaster

Mixing Plaster, barefoot 3

Natural Building Workshop (Penny Livingston explains natural plaster)

Clay Slip (Clay is a key ingredient in natural building, here it's added to plaster)

Cob Hearth

Slipstraw Infill (Most natural building techniques are accessible to all ages)

Fir Poles for Natural Building (Darien peels poles for our cabana)

Dry Stacked Stone, Ireland