Klamath River MandoJam

Klamath River SwingJam
Afternoon Acoustic Workshop

Blythe & Jim belt it out

MandoJammers (November 2004)

Song Session on the lawn

Jamming In the cabana

Evening Jam Session - All Ages Welcome! (That's our organic garlic curing in the background.)

Kickin' it on the Lawn (Rachael & David)

Cabin decks make a great place to jam! (Paul, Lynda, Blyteh & Linda)

Tom Rozum & Dix Bruce

MandoJam workshop session

2 - MandoJammers 2006

Happy MandoJammers

1 - MandoPile(Aside from mandolins & guitars, you're liable to hear anything from ukeleles to fiddles, bass, harmonica or saw, to name a few)

Chris, Jeff & Gina

Tom Rozum & Dix Brjuce mandojammin'

Evening performance (Blyteh, Paul, Linda, Lynda, Mark, Brian, & Brad)

Brian, Micahel, Lynda & Rob (Jammin' it up on Saturday evening)

3 - MandoJamming with the Flat Five String Band

MandoJam Performance

Mandolin Banner (Compliments of Larry Kellog)

Instructor Posse (Lynda, Paul & Brad demonstrate a tune.)

Mandolin Lesson

Radim Zenkl & Rex Richardson (Levitating the crowd at an evening performance)